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Animal Control

Our Animal Control Officer (ACO) is Ann Greenlaw.  You may contact her through the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department at 945-4636.
A town's ACO deals primarily with domestic animal complaints - strays, lost animals, bites, etc.  Issues dealing with wild animals should be addressed to the game warden, which you can contact through the State Police at 866-2121.
If you suspect somebody of neglect and/or cruelty, please contact the Sheriff's Department at 945-4636 (they will get in touch with our ACO) or contact the Department of Animal Welfare at 287-3846. If you think a farm animal (horse, goat, cow, chicken(s), etc.) is being neglected or if you have a complaint about them, please call the Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Division at the above number. 
Rules related to dogs:
Dogs over 6 months of age must be licensed with the town.  Licenses renew annually in December.  Fees are $ 6 for altered animals & $ 11 for unaltered animals.  Late fees are assessed after January 31st.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to license your dog.
Milford has a noise ordinance which addresses the issue of barking dogs.  Citations may be issued if your dog's barking becomes a nuisance.
Please clean up after your dog while out walking.  Dog feces placed into or allowed to drain into the storm water system flow directly to the Penobscot River - which creates bacterial contamination.  Dog feces left in the area of Chaisson Field exposes student athletes to these bacterial contaminants.
Dogs are not allowed to roam.  Please maintain control of your animal - keeping them on your property with training, a leash, fence, or kennel.  If you are walking your pet, they must be under your control at all times using a leash or voice command.
Want a new pet or find that you can no longer care for your "old friend"?  Contact the Bangor Humane Society at 942-8902 or visit their website for more information.

Milford Fire and Rescue Department

Chief Chris Mattson  

For emergencies: Dial 911

Non-emergency line: 207-827-6164

Open burning permits-  Burn permits are available at the Fire Station at no cost.  Permits can be obtained from 7am-5pm, 7 days a week.  Questions? Call 827-6164. Permits are issued on Class 3 and 4 days only.  The Town of Milford is located in Weather Zone 4.  Click here for Maine Forest Fire Danger Map.


Fire and Rescue Apparatus


Engine 801-2009 E- One Typhoon Tradition Pumper. Feature-Waterous 1250 gpm pump, 1000 gallon water tank, 30 gallons Class A Foam Concentrate with Foam Pro system, Hydraulic extrication tools (Jaws of Life), AED and BLS EMS gear, 6 SCBA, Positive and Negative Pressure Fans, Generator and Lighting, 24' Extension Ladder, 14' Roof Ladder, 10' folding ladder, Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera, two cold water rescue suits with ropes, full complement of hand and power tools for structural and wildland firefighting.


Engine/Tanker 802- 1999 International Metalfab. Feature-Hale 1250 Pump, 2500 gallon water tank, 30 gallons each of Class A and B Foam, Akron Eductor Foam System, 3000 gallon porta-tank, 10" Quick Dump Valve, IS G Thermal Imaging Camera, AED and BLS EMS gear, 28' Extension ladder, 14' roof ladder, 10' folding ladder, 6 S CBA, 4-gas meter, positive pressure fan, generator and lighting, full complement of tools for structural and wildland firefighting.


Brush 806- 2011 Ford F550 4WD/Maxim Brush Truck. Features- Waterous 70 CFM Compressed Air Foam System, 300 Gallon Water Tank, 20 Gallons Class A Foam with Aquis Foam System, AED and BLS EMS gear and chainsaw. This truck can pump water only, water and foam mixture of water/foam/air mixture. Carries hand tools, portable pumps and hose packs for remote wildland firefighting. Hand tools and SCBA are carried for structural protection and remote vehicle fire assignments. This truck was purchased with 95% grant funds.


Utility 807- 2004 Ford F150 4WD. AED and BLS EMS gear carried on this truck. This truck is used around town for inspection and fire prevention activites and to transport manpower and equipment to and from incidents. Our personnel also use this truck for travel to training and meetings. This truck was purchased used from Maine State Surplus.


Rescue 808- 2005 Ford F350 4WD. Features- Full complement of ALS and BLS EMS gear including cardiac monitor/defibrillator and advanced airways and medications, cold water rescue suits, ropes and rigging for technical and confined space rescue, Stokes basket, 4-gas emter, 2 S CBA, handtools, chainsaw and generator.


Boat-14' Aluminum boat with 15 HP Evinrude outboard


Snowmobile Rescue Unit- 1998 Skidoo Grand Touring Snowmobile and Rescue Toboggan carried on enclosed trailer. Trailer is tocked with cold weather gear (coats, boots, gloves, etc). Trailer is equipped with electric heather and lights and can be used as a command post.

The scheduled office hours for our Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), Mike Falvey is on Wednesday from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.  Additional hours may be provided if needed or if appointments become necessary.

Service requests may be setup thru the Town Office by calling 827-2072.

 The following permit applications are available in the Town Office:

  • Land use/building permit - building permits are required whenever you change the footprint of your structure. This includes adding decks, "placing" a shed which you bought from a store, or siting a new mobile home. It also includes demolishing any structure or portion thereof. The price for a construction permit is 20c per square foot.
    Highway opening permit
  • Junk yard/auto graveyard permit - these permits renew annually in October. Fees range from $ 50 - $ 200, depending on location. The permits must be approved and issued by the Board of Selectmen.
  • Demolition permits - this is a no cost permit which allows us to keep your assessment records updated for the removal of structures.  Beginning January 1, 2009, this permit will be required to dispose of demolition debris at the transfer station.
  • Subdivision permit - the fees for these permits depend on the number of units within the proposed subdivision.

Zoning Map