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You can register your dog by visiting the Milford Town Office or online.

All dog renewals must be completed by January 31 of each year. There is a $25 state mandated fine for dogs registered after January 31.

If you are licensing a wolf hybrid, service/search or rescue dog or obtaining a kennel license please contact your municipal office.


To register online just click  Reggie the dog below.


Dog License online



More to come on this page later please see above.




FAQ - Assessing

How are mil rates computed?

Mil rates are determined by two components - the amount of funds required by the municipal and school budgets and the taxable valuation of the property in town.

The amount of funds required by the municipal and school budgets are the total budgets net of estimated revenue from other sources.  Other revenue sources include State and Federal program funding, education subsidy, municipal revenue sharing, excise tax, and investment income.  (Figure A)

The taxable valuation (Figure B) is the total value of all properties in town less values exempted from taxation.  Properties fully exempted from taxation include those owned by State, Federal, or municipal governments, churches, and schools.  Portions of properties may be exempted from taxation using certain State exemption programs. 

Figure A divided by Figure B =  Raw Mill Rate

State statute allows an addition of up to 5% of the funds requested (Figure A) - known as overlay.  This amount is added for rounding purposes and to provide funding to offset the effect of tax abatements.

How are valuations determined?

Land values

An average value of an acre of land is determined based on the sales which occur in the town.  Adjustments are made based on location or neighborhood.  Other adjustments are made based on physical attributes of the property - wetlands, size, shore frontage.

Adjustments are made to developed property's values for water supply and waste water systems.  The majority of the value of a developed property is located near and in the area of development or "base lot" - ie, around the house.  Additional acreage is typically valued at a lower rate.

Building values

An average value per square foot is determined based on the sales which occur in the town.  Adjustments are made for type of structure, age, and condition.  Other adjustments are based on how the structure differs from the "norm" - number of bathrooms, whether it has a basement & if the basement is dry, type of heating system, etc.

When are valuations changed?

Property valuations are changed under three circumstances:

  • When there is a change to the property
    • A portion of the property is sold
    • A structure is added or added on to.
    • A structure is deleted or partially removed.
  • When an "area" revaluation is done - some times the characteristics of a section of town requires that the properties contained in that area be revalued at a different interval than the entire town.  Example - shoreland zoning, a municipal utilities expansion, etc.
  • When a "full-town" revaluation is done - this is done approximately once every ten years.  State statutue requires that towns revaluate its properties at least that often or when the town's valuation ratio drops below 70% of the State's valuation for the town.  The last town-wide reval was done in two phases - land values in 2006 & building values in 2008.

Are there any ways I can reduce my taxes?

The State provides several programs which changes the basis upon which valuations are computed and several exemptions which reduce the valuation upon taxes are computed.

  • Tree growth program - this program changes the basis of valuation from the number of acres to the type of forest area on the property - ie, hard wood, soft word, or mixed wood.  The property must be a minumum of 10 acres and a forest management plan must be submitted for the property.  A penalty must be assessed if the property is withdrawn from the program. 
  • Farm land program - this program changes the basis of valuation from the number of acres to a basis of income stream and the value of agricultural properies.  The property must be a minimum of 5 acres and must contribute a value of $ 2,000 of agricultural resources per year.  A penalty must be assessed if the property is withdrawn from the program.
  • Open space program - this program reduces the valuation of a property by a percentage dependent on the use of or type of preservation applied to the property.  The reduction ranges from 20-95% of valuation.  A penalty must be assessed if the property no longer qualifies for inclusion in the program.

More information on these programs may be found atwww.maine.gov/revenue/propertytax/propertytaxbenefits/CurrentUseLandPrograms.htm

  • Homestead exemption - this exemption applies to a person's primary residence.  The owner must have owned homestead property in the State of Maine for a minimum of 12 months.  The amount of the exemption is currently $ 10,000.
  • Veteran's exemption - this exemption is granted to the veteran who has served in an organized war period and has reached the age of 62.  The age requirement is waived if the veteran is designated as 100% disabled under Veteran's Administration guidelines.  The amount of this exemption is currently $ 6,000.  Parapalegic veterans may be eligible for additional exemptions.  This exemption may also be granted to a veteran's widow(er), parent, or child.
  • Blind exemption - this exemption is granted to an individual who is legally blind.  The amount of the exemption is currently $ 4,000.

More information on these programs and the applications may be found atwww.maine.gov/revenue/propertytax/sidebar/exemptions.htm.  Applications must be received on or before April 1st to be applicable for the coming assessment year.


Please place your trash & recycling curbside prior to 7 am on collection day.

Curbside trash collection - Tuesdays. Recycling is picked up on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. PLEASE call 1-800 639-6205 if you have questions about a change of schedule. Trash pick-up days shift on weeks with Holidays.

The Town of Milford now has "Zero Sort Recycling".  Acceptable materials include:  cereal boxes, pasta boxes, shoe boxes, juice boxes, newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, catalogs, soft cover books, telephone books, magazines, plastic containers #1-#7 (Milk jugs, bleach, detergent, shampoo bottles) and rigid plastic (laundry baskets, buckets), any color glass bottles and containers, aluminum, tin, and steel containers.  All recyclable materials can be combined and placed into a container.  If you "outgrow" your recycling bins, you can use a regular trash can or any other container.  Stickers are available at the Town Office which can be placed on your containers to designate them as recycling.  We also have magnets available at the town office with recycling information.

Curbside recycling collection - the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month.

Transfer Station

Beginning March 1st, 2016, The Milford Transfer Station will be closed and Milford residents will begin using the Old Town Recycle Center out by the Old Town Airport.  You will still need the Milford Transfer Station annual pass which is available for $ 1.  Items disposed will be done under a "pay as you throw" system.  The new contract with Casella honors the Milford fee schedule which is available at the Town Office or can be downloaded here.

Transfer station stickers are available to Milford residents only and the vehicle on which the sticker is placed must be registered in the Town of Milford.  They must be permanently affixed to your vehicle - and you will need a different sticker for each vehicle which you own.

The transfer station allows you to dispose of many unwanted items, including:

Demo Debris (2cy or Less)                                          $20.00

Demo Debris ( More than 2 Cy)                                  $35.00

Appliances' With Freon                                                $25.00

Furniture  ( Each)                                                         $5.00

Television, Computer Monitor, Laptop, ETC              $10.00

Console Television                                                      $20.00

White Goods                                                               $10.00

Fluorescent Light Tubes                                            $.30FT

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, U  Bulbs, & Circles    $1.00

Cardboard                                                     A load/$2.50

( No Charge For Cardboard When Combined With Any Above Items)

                                    No House Hold Trash Accepted


                                    Not Allowed At The Transfer Station

  • Household Hazardous Waste: Antifreeze, Gasoline, Paint Thinner, Oil Based Paint, Fertilizer, Pesticides.

  • Latex paint cans: open and dry out and put with curbside trash pickup. If completely empty and dry they may be recycled.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Milford Town Office and NOT the Old Town Muncipal Office as our agreement is with Casella.

Remember, it is CASH only and needs to be paid

at time of service!!!