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Press Release


Each year every Town in Maine must go through the detailed process of budget planning. Milford is no different. Milford's challenge this year is keeping the mil rate down. Milford has its highest Mil rate in its history. Milford's Town Manager Chris Reardon states; "Our challenge is to hold the mil rate this year and, lower it next year while maintaining the highest possible services to the residents." Reardon is working with the five* Town departments to rework budgets.

Reardon explains that some budgets are cut to the bone like the Recreation Department that has only $4,500 budgeted this year. He hopes to raise that funding to better serve the community. He envisions the Rec. Dept. to be a focal point and gathering place in the community once again, in the future. Of the almost $10 million budget the Town manages this year, 51% is demanded to run the K-8 school with a population of 258 Milford students.

With the Town Selectmen committed to holding the mil rate, Reardon is looking for creative ways to raise revenues and cut costs. He states that by combining department needs and eliminating overlaps in the department budgets is a partial solution.

Reardon says the selectmen and he are looking forward to a bright future for the Town of Milford with a controlled budget and increased services to the residents of Milford.