* Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen

* Oversees the Treasurer, Tax Collector, General Assistance Administrator, Health Officer,Town Clerk, and Registrar of Voters.

* Liaison between the Department Heads and Board of Selectmen.


* Advises the Board in hiring of staff.  Evaluates and directs the Town's staff.

* Carries out the directives of the Board when instructed by a majority vote.

*Attends meeting of the Board of Selectmen, post agendas, and provides supporting information.

* Oversees the Treasurer and Tax Collector and directs office staff in performing duties.

* Attends meetings and events on behalf of the Town.

* Processes and responds to citizen complaints.

* Develops and implements policies and procedures on behalf of the Board.

* Supervises the job performance of all employees, departments, and independent contractors.

* Organizes and prepares for Town Meeting and Special Town Meetings, including drafting budgets for the Budget Committee,  oversees the Warrants and printing of the Town Report.

* Maintains liaison with the general public, local, State, and Federal agencies.

* Seeks grant monies and other revenue sources.

* Maintains the Town Office in a neat and orderly fashion, arranging for proper maintenance of the buildings, grounds, and machinery.

* Maintains a list of job descriptions for Town Officials.

* Assist patrons with registrations, various fees and licenses, inquiries, and all other requests.

* Processes monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

* Performs related duties as needed/requested to assure smooth operation of the Town Office.


* Graduation from high school and supplemented by experience in Municipal Government, or a   degree in public administration or related field.

* Thorough knowledge of municipal management, municipal government programs, community problems, and decision-making processes.

* Thorough knowledge of municipal finance management and accounting procedures,   budgeting and investments.

* Working knowledge of principles of personnel administration.

* Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, including research capability and reporting ability.

* Ability to maintain positive internal relations and to direct, supervise, and motivate staff.

* Ability to organize and use time effectively, and to be creative and analytical.

* Ability to listen to and accept criticism; must possess conflict resolution skills and public relations skills.

* Ability to obtain required certification (i.e. Treasurer, Tax Collector)

* Education or experience in a municipal setting.

* Knowledge of tax assessing, collection, and lien process.

* Knowledge of the Bureau of Motor Vehicle and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife procedures.

* Knowledge and understanding of the State statutes relating to the duties and responsibilities  of town and city clerks.

* Ability to run the Town's prescribed computerized TRIO financial software.

* Ability to deal courteously with the public, and to establish and maintain effective working  relations with other employees and the public.

* Thorough knowledge of modern office procedures, practices, and equipment.










How much will it cost to renew my registration?

To calculate your estimated registration renewal cost, you will need the following information:

1.  Your vehicle's MSRP

The MSRP is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of your vehicle.  The MSRP is the 'sticker price' and  NOT necessarily what you paid for the vehicle.

To find the MSRP of an existing registration:  the MSRP is listed on your current registration form under 'Base'.

To find the MSRP if you do not have an existing registration on hand: you many be able to find the MSRP online at sites such as MSN Autos or Kelley Blue Book.  You can also call the dealership that the vehicle was purchased from.


2.  Your vehicle's manufacture date

Once you have obtained your vehicle's MSRP and manufacture date you may proceed to the calculator below to give you an idea of what it will cost to renew the current registration on your passenger vehicle.

Please note, this is only for estimation purposes – the exact cost will be determined by the municipality when you register your vehicle.

MSRP digits only (i.e. 22000)
Year of auto
Plate type
Do you have a vanity plate?

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sex offender registry from north carolina