The Town Hall located at 62 Davenport St Milford, ME 04461 is available for rental for your private events. Both residents and non-residents can rent the hall. If needed, it comes with 10  tables; 100 chairs. A small kitchen is on site with stove; oven; and refrigerator. Both men's and women's bathroom are within the hall. The hall accommodates up to 290 standing and 152 seated.

The hall is rented by the day. The keys can be picked up the night before for your decorating convenience - IF there is no scheduled event the night before.

Hall Rental Rates

$75.00 Minimum deposit towards total fee to hold date.
$100.00 Minimum deposit towards total fee to hold date.

You will recieve a $50.00 refund if the hall is satisfactorily cleaned to its pre-event condition AND; all chaires and tables accounted for AND; return of key within two days after hall use.

Call or visit Town office at 207.827.2072 to complete reservation paperwork and, place a deposit to reserve your date.

Reservations occur on a first come first serve basis as to when the money deposit occurs. No reservations shall occur without deposit money.